Monday, February 11, 2013

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend 2: VVS Love Baby!

Okay so "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" was so popular and fabulously fun we just had to bring you Divas another round with our besties Fajo Magazine and !Xam Diamonds! Not only is trying on pretty sparkly jewels the funnest thing in world for any gal to do it's the month of loving hunny so there was just a je ne sais quoi floating in the air to make the experience that much more enjoyable! 

The night started off with trying on diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds! Ladies and gents of the sort flocked around from case to case pointing, eye balls bulging, with "ouuuu's" and "aaaaah's"  - ladies in fascination of beauty gents in price (yes it does pay to splurge a little, she's worth it!) It was like watching birds of prey - high five to all the amazingly kind, well to do, and educated !Xam staff, you all rule! I've never been so well informed and in good hands while sipping bubbly! Hannah of FAJO Magazine was fashionably yours as usual with super fun tips and tricks of how to look hot this season and what dazzling jewels to pair it with - the shinier the better!

Telling us what looks good!

Here are a few of our fabulous Divas being fabulous with fabulous jewels (wait did I say fabulous?) 

 Now on the most important experience of this entire night - MY RING! lol Okay but really the entire !XAM staff,  my fab DivaGirl team, the caterers, oh and that girl coming out of the bathroom heard my VVS Stone story so hey I'm obviously going to dish it out with you too! I FOUND THE ONE! It's pretty, and dainty, and cute and just makes me feel like a lady! (when you grow up with dudes sometimes you need extra pretty things to make you feel extra femminine) The fab ring would be this gorge VVS Stone that fits my little  hand like a glove! Hot pic coming atcha' -

1.5 Carrot round cut VVS Stone, soooo pretty!
Here's the rundown. Obviously I'm not on the hunt for a pretty, shiny, engagement ring but most times you fall in love when it isn't expected, you're not looking and usually inconvenient. I'm also not one of those Divas that gets all mushy and gooey about these things I mean it's a ring how could it possibly give you this calming, and content feeling like "ooooh, I like you. You fit and I'm just so captivated." but it did!! I swear I was staring at it all night like I wanted to try it on but I was almost scared it would be too perfect, crazy huh? and plus all these big, fat, 6 Carrot whoppers were so in your face like "POW! I'm here! Try me on! Take me home, we're just perfect!" so you usually go with seemingly looks good but doesn't necessarily feel right because well it's right there! Look at this thing, it's gorge but let's get real so obnoxious looking on me - 

6 Carrot Yellow Gold, Square Cut
I went in for a fun time with fab Divas, some bubbly, and star gazing at diamonds and came out in love with the closest cut to perfection for me - VVS baby! If the night wasn't coming to an end and Susan didn't pry it out of my hands I'd still have it with me! Like any normal girl feeling like she's overreacting I asked the experts! All of the fab !XAM team gave me two thumbs up with " When a girl knows, she knows!" Why thank you !XAM I couldn't have said it better myself! MWA!

Written By: Julia Marie Gallo xox

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