Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DivaGirl University: A Sassy Class in Review

Darling Divas you have to get your business ideas rolling and flowing with our fabulous sassy classes in DivaGirl University!! I had the pleasure of sitting in and digesting all our University has to offer, lead by Brooke Milne and was quite impressed! As someone who gets bored really easily and sitting through three hour lectures in college was like torture our class size is  fun, providing hot topics that are relevant to day to day business life. There's a ton of collaboration with industry professionals, liveliness of class with everyone interacting, providing feedback and having a few bevvies at that! Pretty sure your prof wouldn't approve which makes it that much better! Brooke who leads the class is always upbeat, outgoing, easy to chat with super encouraging and interactive.

The material per session is light, interesting and really digestible. It's hands on knowledge that's useful - you can go home and put all the topics and tips to use to push your business forward. Lots of interactive, jumping in and able to pick brain and ask questions to both Brooke and the other women in the class. It's the most conversational class I've ever been exposed too and def not aposed too because hunny what Diva doesn't love to chat! Brooke really ensures everyone is following along and getting it, jumps in and asks if she's going to fast, if people have their notes written down and option to go slower. Overall DivaGirl University is a super uplifting experience and helps you learn the tools you need to get yourself going in business as a women. I'd recommend it to the Boss Lady Diva in you hunny so check it out, it'll be worth it! Kiss, kiss!

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Julia Marie Gallo xox 

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