Thursday, May 9, 2013

When It All Falls Down In the Big City.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- the big city is the place where dreams are made of, where that little Diva hustler in you makes things happen, werking it like the sun never goes down and coffee is your life support fuel, still looking too cute in your little black Hepburn dress, pumps and matching bag! However the trouble with being little miss “Me, Myself, and I” in the big city is that eventually you burn out, hit this massive wall of exhaustion and despite really figuring out the real you, what makes you happy and being in your element, you can’t really make use of it being too busy and tired holding it all together from your day to night job then overnight bar tending job to weekend promo gig, sleeping during commute times and on lunch breaksl! Maybe we stretched how fabulous being an Independent Boss Lady can really be, I mean we like being treated to the spa too ya know! Mr. Big you’re gonna help a sister out with getting our hair and nails did right?

All us Divas come to the big city for a few of the same reasons – we want out of our boring and mundane lives we were born into, get away from the people, fears and things that have tarnished our natural shine and really just want to create a life that’s our own, no limits or drama and all fun. Sounds super cheesy I know but hey we’re fabulous and being anything but happy and fun around the clock creates wrinkles hunny! I’m going to let that ego of mine run wild for a minute and say that true Divas are a unique and special breed of women, the Beyonce’s of the world will you! We’ve all decided early on in our cute, fabulous, Barbie loving days (that never ends by the way) that we’re going to be independent, self-sufficient and be in holy matrimony for all the right reasons, never ever attaching it to materialistic possessions. Most times it’s because we’ve seen love or what people around you consider “love” go sour, and money turning things ugly and un-equal...

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Written By:

Julia Marie Gallo xox

Me, Myself, and I.

As the love struck intoxication slowly wears off from what’s supposed to be the month of loving I think it’s fair to say most of us Divas ended up with the short end of the stick! You didn’t get those fabulous louboutins you’ve been name dropping to your beau for weeks fit with photo texting with you trying them on at holts, he bought you the brand of chocolate you hate, gold instead of silver, or you got a less than surprised more predictable bouquet of flowers delivery. Failed attempts at presents only leaving you disappointed is a failed attempt at love my dear! If your man doesn’t know you well enough to get you what your very heart desires weather it be big or small then he doesn’t know your heart now does he?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not into the materialism of gifting, It’s really not about the presents or price tags at all. It’s about knowing and loving us for who we are to our core so much so that you want to do all it takes to make us happy. That’s what loving someone is after all isn’t it? Doing things you wouldn’t do otherwise but are overjoyed to if it means making her happy and feeling so special? You know going out of your way! It’s pretty clear that Divas are the female version of a hustler so we’ll do whatever it takes to get the things we want out of life therefore all we really require  is exclusive r-e-s-p-e-c-t, attention, and affection. Men seem to like the fabricated idea of what it’s like to be with a Diva – “oh she’s so fun and cool” “she’s so chill and easy going” or “I like talking real life and business with her” but when it comes to putting in the work to treat us properly in order to keep us or even having a clue  how to treat us are handfuls of failed attempts and lack of even trying. I say screw it and onto “Me, Myself, and I.”

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In case you're wondering I got most of my inspiration for the article from Queen Bey's "Me, Myself and I!" Here's a shout out to her in all her independent glory! 

Written By:

Julia Marie Gallo xox

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

We hope our detox and shake it like you just don’t care sexy fitness classes did a number on that hot bod of yours hunny because your man is going to jaw drop in that sultan’s silk lingerie piece you’ve had hiding for a fabulous occasion! Ow, ow, ow, werk what yo’ mamma gave you girlfriend!! It’s the month of loving darling so let the sweet, sweet aromas of Roses, Daises and Organzas fill the room, spritz on love potion number 9, and set out the choco covered berries and martini mixes because your Bond is in for a wild ride! It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…

Okay so for real isn’t love just so crazy, stupid? It makes us do out of our mind kinds of things like what, did I just do that? Say that? Feel that? Ugh, making me act like a damn fool! “I’m freeee, free falling!” OUCH, crap that kinda hurt, gah Tom Petty you could’ve given a girl a head’s up! When you’re so used to doing you, being in control of everything, and on a one track mind of getting paper and building fabulous empires it’s kinda hard to let yourself plunge in so deep. Don’t you sit there and act like “Mmmhmmm, whatever I’m too Divalicious for any man to get my heart going” Girl please, I’m as Diva, Independent woman as they come and I’ve been there, done that! So here’s to all the crazy, stupid, things love makes us do! Cheers hunny, you’ll get a good laugh outa’ this one -

1. Act like You’re Just Not that Into Him - Duh, this one’s a no brainer! Obviously all us Divas play hard to get! Hello, if you’re going to even attempt to get the game started you’re going to be in for a fabulous game of chase my dear! “Oh what movie night? Sure whatever I’ll go and get a little Leo peep show, totally not because I want to hold hands and make plans with you, ew!” hehe. In our defense we’re busy girls who run the world, so if you want to be given the time of day then you have to prove you’re worth it, because we are! *Revlon Ad worthy hair flip*

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Julia Marie Gallo xox

Hello New Year and NEW Fabulous YOU!!

Well Divas you did it! Made it through another amazing year of being fabulous! You had your ups, downs, life shook you, moved you, and rocked you into the strong sass pot that you are now so it’s time to shine in 2013! Dust off that little black dress, pull that string of pearls out from the bottom of your sky high pile of jewelry, and work those pink pumps because your about to light 2013 on fire! Oh hold up don’t tuck away that martini shaker just yet darling – Cosmos are our specialty all year round!

I know as well as you do that keeping your New Years resolution is easier said than done so here I am to narrow down that list and make it sweet and simple for you! What’s most important year after glorious year is that YOU come back better, faster, stronger and more fabulous than ever! I’ve got Willy Wonka’s magic ticket and I’m about to make your year shine like a platinum gold bar so let’s get this thing started shall we!

1. Detoxing is a Diva’s Bestie! - So maybe I went a little overboard with the holiday munching – Cannolis, festive pies, peppermint chocolate oh me oh my!! I totally enjoyed every last piece of sugary coated pleasure and I mean it’s only once a year so whatevs. Now it’s time to get that killa bod back so let’s detox darlings! We have the best Jump-Start Program and are challenging all our Divas to be your healthiest, most gorg self in January, hooray!! Our USANA Reset Nutritional Program is an easy peasy five days and will help you shred pounds, cravings, and kick-start a healthier you!

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Written By: 

Julia Marie Gallo xox

De-stress And Enjoy! 5 YOUltide Musts For The Holidays!

Here it is. The hustle and bustle. The glitter and gold. The most wonderful time of the year. With the heavy build up of its imminent approach, it is no wonder that the holiday season reflects a time of stress rather than its suggested joy. While we ourselves are far from our days of the nail biting anticipation of Santa and his sleigh, setting out milk, cookies and of course fuel for those beloved reindeer, Christmas in adult life can be downright tough. Draining even.  Aside from our depleting supply of vitamin D, in the winter months it takes a little bit of an extra kick to keep ourselves afloat. From Christmas lists, parties and functions, to gift wrapping and holiday dinners we forget the centre of it all. You. Now, I do not mean this in a selfish way. I know this season is about giving and there’s nothing more I love than doing just that- believe me. But life is about balance! We need a little loving this and every holiday season. How you ask? Here are some of my personal favourites.
  1. Keep it moving! With all the shopping and elbow to elbow traffic the whole process of the holiday season can be exhausting. We are constantly sifting ourselves through crowds and brushing up against the most difficult energies. Despite this, it is so important to stick to our active lifestyles. If you are a gym goer, try to keep at least two visits a week. You could also view this time to drop into that Sexy Fitness class you’ve always wanted to take, do something completely new or partake in the company of your friends to help keep the motivation. This will boost your endorphins thus resulting in those Scrooge types to be easier to deal with. Also, let’s face it. There is no diet in holiday. So this will take the pressure off of those guilty indulgences.
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Written By:

Ashley Brodeur

How To Be a Sassy, Sexy, Kick Ass Entrepreneur

 Can we get a shout out for all those ladies for making their own cash and looking like the million bucks that you are doing it! This one is just for you and turning that already independent, hustling, in it to win it attitude into building your dream empire – in hot ass pink stilettos, meow girlfriend! Our DivaGirl Preneur section is firing up all their fuel for the launch of our amazing, brand new DivaGirl University! At DivaGirl Preneur we strive to educate, inspire and connect women to feel fabulous on the inside and out, sounds great right!? Now with DivaGirl University we bring to you a 8-week course to train female entrepreneurs to be fabulous and successful in business… and life – it really is all about balance. We’re so excited to be sharing this course with you and now present a few secret teaser tips! Grab a drink, kick up your pumps, and let us inspire you to shoot for the stars darlings!

Pursue Your Passion with Conviction – I’m placing passion first simply because what you’re passionate about ignites a fire inside of you, and it takes a passionate, fire to kill attitude to create something big out of your ideas. It’s safe to say that it takes a lot of work to be an entrepreneur, that’s obvious but what keeps the hard working women who’s under slept and hopped up on caffeine going no matter what is the fire that burns inside her working at what she loves doing! That flame will never die! So darlings start with discovering what makes you, and just you really happy? What soothes your soul, or washes all your worries away? Anything that makes you happy, passionate, and inspired is worth doing.

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Written By:

Julia Marie Gallo xox

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DivaGirl University: A Sassy Class in Review

Darling Divas you have to get your business ideas rolling and flowing with our fabulous sassy classes in DivaGirl University!! I had the pleasure of sitting in and digesting all our University has to offer, lead by Brooke Milne and was quite impressed! As someone who gets bored really easily and sitting through three hour lectures in college was like torture our class size is  fun, providing hot topics that are relevant to day to day business life. There's a ton of collaboration with industry professionals, liveliness of class with everyone interacting, providing feedback and having a few bevvies at that! Pretty sure your prof wouldn't approve which makes it that much better! Brooke who leads the class is always upbeat, outgoing, easy to chat with super encouraging and interactive.

The material per session is light, interesting and really digestible. It's hands on knowledge that's useful - you can go home and put all the topics and tips to use to push your business forward. Lots of interactive, jumping in and able to pick brain and ask questions to both Brooke and the other women in the class. It's the most conversational class I've ever been exposed too and def not aposed too because hunny what Diva doesn't love to chat! Brooke really ensures everyone is following along and getting it, jumps in and asks if she's going to fast, if people have their notes written down and option to go slower. Overall DivaGirl University is a super uplifting experience and helps you learn the tools you need to get yourself going in business as a women. I'd recommend it to the Boss Lady Diva in you hunny so check it out, it'll be worth it! Kiss, kiss!

 Written By:

Julia Marie Gallo xox