Thursday, May 9, 2013

When It All Falls Down In the Big City.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- the big city is the place where dreams are made of, where that little Diva hustler in you makes things happen, werking it like the sun never goes down and coffee is your life support fuel, still looking too cute in your little black Hepburn dress, pumps and matching bag! However the trouble with being little miss “Me, Myself, and I” in the big city is that eventually you burn out, hit this massive wall of exhaustion and despite really figuring out the real you, what makes you happy and being in your element, you can’t really make use of it being too busy and tired holding it all together from your day to night job then overnight bar tending job to weekend promo gig, sleeping during commute times and on lunch breaksl! Maybe we stretched how fabulous being an Independent Boss Lady can really be, I mean we like being treated to the spa too ya know! Mr. Big you’re gonna help a sister out with getting our hair and nails did right?

All us Divas come to the big city for a few of the same reasons – we want out of our boring and mundane lives we were born into, get away from the people, fears and things that have tarnished our natural shine and really just want to create a life that’s our own, no limits or drama and all fun. Sounds super cheesy I know but hey we’re fabulous and being anything but happy and fun around the clock creates wrinkles hunny! I’m going to let that ego of mine run wild for a minute and say that true Divas are a unique and special breed of women, the Beyonce’s of the world will you! We’ve all decided early on in our cute, fabulous, Barbie loving days (that never ends by the way) that we’re going to be independent, self-sufficient and be in holy matrimony for all the right reasons, never ever attaching it to materialistic possessions. Most times it’s because we’ve seen love or what people around you consider “love” go sour, and money turning things ugly and un-equal...

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Written By:

Julia Marie Gallo xox

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