Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Be a Sassy, Sexy, Kick Ass Entrepreneur

 Can we get a shout out for all those ladies for making their own cash and looking like the million bucks that you are doing it! This one is just for you and turning that already independent, hustling, in it to win it attitude into building your dream empire – in hot ass pink stilettos, meow girlfriend! Our DivaGirl Preneur section is firing up all their fuel for the launch of our amazing, brand new DivaGirl University! At DivaGirl Preneur we strive to educate, inspire and connect women to feel fabulous on the inside and out, sounds great right!? Now with DivaGirl University we bring to you a 8-week course to train female entrepreneurs to be fabulous and successful in business… and life – it really is all about balance. We’re so excited to be sharing this course with you and now present a few secret teaser tips! Grab a drink, kick up your pumps, and let us inspire you to shoot for the stars darlings!

Pursue Your Passion with Conviction – I’m placing passion first simply because what you’re passionate about ignites a fire inside of you, and it takes a passionate, fire to kill attitude to create something big out of your ideas. It’s safe to say that it takes a lot of work to be an entrepreneur, that’s obvious but what keeps the hard working women who’s under slept and hopped up on caffeine going no matter what is the fire that burns inside her working at what she loves doing! That flame will never die! So darlings start with discovering what makes you, and just you really happy? What soothes your soul, or washes all your worries away? Anything that makes you happy, passionate, and inspired is worth doing.

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Julia Marie Gallo xox

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