Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

We hope our detox and shake it like you just don’t care sexy fitness classes did a number on that hot bod of yours hunny because your man is going to jaw drop in that sultan’s silk lingerie piece you’ve had hiding for a fabulous occasion! Ow, ow, ow, werk what yo’ mamma gave you girlfriend!! It’s the month of loving darling so let the sweet, sweet aromas of Roses, Daises and Organzas fill the room, spritz on love potion number 9, and set out the choco covered berries and martini mixes because your Bond is in for a wild ride! It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…

Okay so for real isn’t love just so crazy, stupid? It makes us do out of our mind kinds of things like what, did I just do that? Say that? Feel that? Ugh, making me act like a damn fool! “I’m freeee, free falling!” OUCH, crap that kinda hurt, gah Tom Petty you could’ve given a girl a head’s up! When you’re so used to doing you, being in control of everything, and on a one track mind of getting paper and building fabulous empires it’s kinda hard to let yourself plunge in so deep. Don’t you sit there and act like “Mmmhmmm, whatever I’m too Divalicious for any man to get my heart going” Girl please, I’m as Diva, Independent woman as they come and I’ve been there, done that! So here’s to all the crazy, stupid, things love makes us do! Cheers hunny, you’ll get a good laugh outa’ this one -

1. Act like You’re Just Not that Into Him - Duh, this one’s a no brainer! Obviously all us Divas play hard to get! Hello, if you’re going to even attempt to get the game started you’re going to be in for a fabulous game of chase my dear! “Oh what movie night? Sure whatever I’ll go and get a little Leo peep show, totally not because I want to hold hands and make plans with you, ew!” hehe. In our defense we’re busy girls who run the world, so if you want to be given the time of day then you have to prove you’re worth it, because we are! *Revlon Ad worthy hair flip*

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Julia Marie Gallo xox

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