Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello New Year and NEW Fabulous YOU!!

Well Divas you did it! Made it through another amazing year of being fabulous! You had your ups, downs, life shook you, moved you, and rocked you into the strong sass pot that you are now so it’s time to shine in 2013! Dust off that little black dress, pull that string of pearls out from the bottom of your sky high pile of jewelry, and work those pink pumps because your about to light 2013 on fire! Oh hold up don’t tuck away that martini shaker just yet darling – Cosmos are our specialty all year round!

I know as well as you do that keeping your New Years resolution is easier said than done so here I am to narrow down that list and make it sweet and simple for you! What’s most important year after glorious year is that YOU come back better, faster, stronger and more fabulous than ever! I’ve got Willy Wonka’s magic ticket and I’m about to make your year shine like a platinum gold bar so let’s get this thing started shall we!

1. Detoxing is a Diva’s Bestie! - So maybe I went a little overboard with the holiday munching – Cannolis, festive pies, peppermint chocolate oh me oh my!! I totally enjoyed every last piece of sugary coated pleasure and I mean it’s only once a year so whatevs. Now it’s time to get that killa bod back so let’s detox darlings! We have the best Jump-Start Program and are challenging all our Divas to be your healthiest, most gorg self in January, hooray!! Our USANA Reset Nutritional Program is an easy peasy five days and will help you shred pounds, cravings, and kick-start a healthier you!

It's never too late to make resolutions! Check out the rest of our tips on Eligible Magazine! 

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Julia Marie Gallo xox

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