Thursday, May 9, 2013

De-stress And Enjoy! 5 YOUltide Musts For The Holidays!

Here it is. The hustle and bustle. The glitter and gold. The most wonderful time of the year. With the heavy build up of its imminent approach, it is no wonder that the holiday season reflects a time of stress rather than its suggested joy. While we ourselves are far from our days of the nail biting anticipation of Santa and his sleigh, setting out milk, cookies and of course fuel for those beloved reindeer, Christmas in adult life can be downright tough. Draining even.  Aside from our depleting supply of vitamin D, in the winter months it takes a little bit of an extra kick to keep ourselves afloat. From Christmas lists, parties and functions, to gift wrapping and holiday dinners we forget the centre of it all. You. Now, I do not mean this in a selfish way. I know this season is about giving and there’s nothing more I love than doing just that- believe me. But life is about balance! We need a little loving this and every holiday season. How you ask? Here are some of my personal favourites.
  1. Keep it moving! With all the shopping and elbow to elbow traffic the whole process of the holiday season can be exhausting. We are constantly sifting ourselves through crowds and brushing up against the most difficult energies. Despite this, it is so important to stick to our active lifestyles. If you are a gym goer, try to keep at least two visits a week. You could also view this time to drop into that Sexy Fitness class you’ve always wanted to take, do something completely new or partake in the company of your friends to help keep the motivation. This will boost your endorphins thus resulting in those Scrooge types to be easier to deal with. Also, let’s face it. There is no diet in holiday. So this will take the pressure off of those guilty indulgences.
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Ashley Brodeur

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